Tag Heuer Connected Review – The Truth (2021)

This isn’t just another review, but you will discover the whole truth that you will not get on the internet as easily.

Let me inform you that majority of the reviews that you read on the internet are sponsored and do not reflect their own opinions. there’s no way you can judge that high-end watch that has no technology this high. Here is the reason why:

What you should learn first!

TAG Heuer is a luxury brand of watches, as most of you are aware. Tag sells older technology at an “exterme price” , they introduced the watch in the year 2020 that came with it’s Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 3100 processor that was only to be replaced by the manufacturer , and then after 3 months , the brand new Processes 4100 processer was launched! You’ll have to pay a an exorbitant amount for older processers, numerous “cheap” smart watches started to appear on the market using the Qualcomm 4100 processor .

What does this mean to you? There won’t be “future upgrades and you will be stuck with Googles Wear OS 2, and a bad battery life” . Even if you’re not an “techy” person, you need to be aware of its battery life since even Tag admits that you’ll not see a single day of battery life on this expensive device, so in the end it is possible to have an expensive watch on your wrist, which looks stunning but is dead.

At this price point and the more than 160 years of experience in the field of watchmaking from Tag Heuer Connected I thought I would get an instrument that will be more superior than my present Apple or older Samsung Galaxy watches ( gen one and two). I had hoped to see all the data I require regarding my health , my fitness tracking, as well as the information from my smartphone within the wrist, however I saw was a great look, bulky and very underpowered. It’s beautiful and that’s the end of it .

Why would you buy this watch when you can buy an undoubtedly luxurious watch for less and that can keep its value, whereas this watch will not be in any way worth the cost and that’s even after just 6 months ( look up e-b the marketplace and look it up yourself)

The Battery

According to Tag the battery’s capacity of 430mAh is expected to last for the entire day , with approximately 45 minutes of workout time when this watch was just released. as with any business. purchase a smartwatch to be “connected” , and if you are connected, you’ll be lucky to receive 12 hours of battery life.  Take a look at the image yourself below.

Although the battery isn’t excellent, the charging speed isn’t sufficient, and to fully charge it, you have to be away from your device for 90 minutes. And If you wish to purchase another charger, you’ll must shell out some cash to get it … ( There is a way to buy a basic Fitbit at the price of the additional charger, but it’s basically plastic!

Tech Specs

Qualcomm Snapdragon 3100 chipset 8GB of RAM, 1GB RAM , Titanium-Grade 5 casewith AMOLED 1.39-inch display, the dimensions are 45x45x 13.7 millimeters, it is heavier than Apple watches or Garmin’s Marq.

The Design

It’s definitely the top one, it’s certainly the most attractive watches you can purchase. You can feel the premium without being able to touch the watch. It is easy to see that the case is made of stainless steel from a good far away, while the fixed ceramic bezel made of the brushed steel looks shiny which makes the watch ideal in “showing off” for sure! However, you may be required to showcase an unresponsive watch in case you wear the watch at full capacity, with GPS and other functions opened…

It is 44mm of width and 13.5mm thick body, which isn’t a tiny nor lightweight device at all . Its screen measures 1.4-inch OLED with a 454 pixels, which is very clear and crisp which means that when reading texts, you’ll not experience many issues if your battery is fully filled.

Phone Calls

There’s no way to make or receive phone calls using your watch. You can only check who is calling you, and then accept or deny the call. And that’s it. Which is why I am wondering what makes Tag Heuer (TH) think they have created smart watches?

Activity & Fitness Tracking

There are no sensors in the heart monitor, for instance, if you walk for a few minutes, you Apple or Google watch will be able to detect your activity automatically however, in Tag you’ll need to manually start it, and if you fail to end your workout, you can be sure that you will see it continue running but do not notify you .

In conclusion, TAG Heuer did well with the interface and the app they developed and you’ll get at least something worth the money $$$$ price you pay. It’s not as TAG Heuer actually claims, “Every aspect of the Connected watch was deliberately selected to enhance the user’s experience, particularly when they play sports!!

Watch Appearance & Customization

Here’s the place where you will get the most value out of your watch , this sleek wearable looks like a watch and the faces of the watches are fantastic, however, you’ll have to you should not overlook the full customization of the faces of your watches and, aside from the thickness the watch is stunning.

The Software

The Good The software aspect of things needs some improvement in all areas There are a few issues and limitations.

The Best The TAG development team have done a good job on this and the fonts look nice and are easy to read. Also, the timing applications clearly show that TAG is able to create an electronic watch, but not one that is a “traditional one” and the software team was able to take some inspiration from it.

Since it’s an application from Google Wear OS you as would expect to receive e-mail and messages and calendar appointments, music controls as well as weather, maps, and a an array of apps available on the Google Play Store. It also has a microphone that allows you to be connected to Google assistant.


It’s incredible how much work , the finer details of packaging are just amazing. This is proof of my assertion that it’s all about the appearance . I would like to could make the same statement about the “connected ” part.

The video is available on my YouTube Channel

Customer Support

The Social Media team is good If they tweet they will respond, however they are unable to help you.

The web site’s team isn’t very helpful. I discovered a glitch and I reported the issue ( I have proof ) instead of expressing gratitude and requesting that I ignore the bug and complete the purchase. ( 2 weeks has gone, the bug has not resolved until today, hence I will not discuss it here) After my requests were ignored, they would manually take over this bug …. (not saying what the bug is) !

The company’s Australian distributor is terrible, truly terrible! They promise to call you back, but they aren’t. If you request a compelling reason for keeping the watch following delivery issues with their preferred supplier ( Toll Group) They say we can’t simply give you a refund. ( that’s what I got). I highly suggest you not to purchase TH from Australia and instead purchase it online for a lot less and with a worldwide warranty.

The history of the watch !

Presently, they’re selling the 3rd generation the watch. Here is the brief description of the watch’s history.

Gen 1 The watch was launched in November of 2015, the watch had a base Intel Atom processor ( Z34XX )

Gen 2: Later 2016mm built on the Intel Atom processor 1.6GHz Z34XX

Gen 3 : Mid 2020, Based on old Qualcomm 3100

Tag Heuer Connected review will conclude with don’t spend your money if you’re interested in technology – which I do.

iPhone Connectivity

Based on the TH website TAG Heuer Connected works with phones that run iOS 10.0plus (supported features might differ across different platforms, and even countries). They’re inviting you to visit g.co/WearCheck for the iPhone(r) to determine whether it is compatible with your.

Since Apple does not permit access to its API, don’t think you can to replace your Apple Watch to add functionality.

Android Connectivity

Naturally, since this Tag Heuer Connected runs Android Wear and is fully compatible with every Android phones without restrictions. No Wear OS 3 upgrade.


Overall : 2.5/5

Appearance : 5/5

Functionality : 1/5

Features : 2/5

Yes, I love the appearance, as well as the faces on the watches and that’s all!

Tag Heuer Connected Review – The Truth (2021)
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