Crypto Fraud Network Dismantled, ConsenSys Launches Staking, Wyre Funded

• ConsenSys Launched MetaMask Staking, allowing users to stake ETH with liquid staking providers.
• Société Générale minted $7 million as a loan from MakerDAO.
• Wyre lifted its depositing freeze and 90% withdrawal limit after receiving financing from a strategic partner.

Today, the Ethereum-focused blockchain company ConsenSys announced the launch of MetaMask Staking, a new feature directly incorporated in the MetaMask Portfolio dapp. This feature allows users to stake crypto (ETH) with leading liquid staking providers, Lido and Rocket Pool. Users can compare the rewards rate, network control, and popularity of different liquid staking providers and choose the one they want to stake with.

In other news, Société Générale, a French multinational investment bank, minted $7 million as a loan of DAI from the stablecoin’s issuer MakerDAO on January 12. The vault has a debt ceiling of $30 million, according to data aggregated by MakerBurn.

Crypto payments company Wyre also made some news this week. After receiving financing from a strategic partner, Wyre lifted its depositing freeze and 90% withdrawal limit. This additional capital will help the company continue to deliver on its mission to simplify and revolutionize the global financial ecosystem.

Finally, Eurojust and Europol announced that they had dismantled a major cryptocurrency fraud network operating from Bulgaria, Cyprus, and Serbia. The network operated professionally to set up complex money laundering schemes, which enabled them to launder millions of euros. The investigation is still ongoing and more details will be made available in the coming weeks.